YA Fantasy Author  

 Deb Clarke 

BOOK SERIES:- Published (P) & To Be Released (TBR) by Deb Clarke.


Odessa Lace: Marea Mystic #16 - is a clean YA Fantasy Series of twenty-two books - one for each of the Major Arcana tarot cards. Her teenage years (15-19) are a journey of adventure and self-discovery suitable for all ages. (5xP - 17xTBR)

Odessa Lace: Bounty Hunter #21 - is a NA Paranormal Romance Trilogy - the year is now 2021 and Odessa is 21 years old, at college majoring in Classical Studies. She also works part-time for the Interstellar Law Enforcement Agency as a bounty hunter. Odessa is all grown up and her gifts have reached their full potential - if only she had a love life and could forget about Adam. (3 x TBR)

Love letters to Lacey - is a short novella of love letters from Adam to Lacey where he shares his thoughts, feelings, and adventures as he discovers his past. (1 x TBR after #21 Trilogy).

Odessa Lace: The Collective - is an Epic Fantasy Tale of good versus evil as the battle to save the earth heats up and Odessa's role as prophet takes prominence. Odessa is 25 years old. (1x TBR after Love Letters)

Update: Book Six in the Marea Mystic #16 series is scheduled for release in 2018. However, the first Bounty Hunter book in the trilogy will be released prior to this. While this trilogy will not feature gratuitous sex, violence or cursing, it is a more grown-up version of Odessa that we meet.  WARNING_- Major spoilers will be in Series 21 OL books. So if want to maintain mystery might want to wait for all 22 books in Series 16 to be released before proceeding to 21.


A Contemporary Paranormal Romance Trilogy.

Three triplet djinn princesses are forced to hide on earth until the eldest reaches the age of coronation in their kingdom on Kaf. (TBR)


Here & Now! - Stand alone - sweet with one mild sex scene (P)

Close Contact - Michael's brothers series (1xP 3xTBR)

Hostage for Life - Stand alone light-hearted romance (P)

* Overall, each of the individual books and individual series can be read as stand alone. Or, they can be read in conjunction with each. Each book and series, has a beginning and an end. Of course, there is a general over-viewing theme that remains the same throughout the entire series.