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Odessa Lace #5 - Sorcery in Atlantis


A Clean Young Adult Fantasy Series! Suitable all ages. An ordinary girl caught in an extraordinary life ... OL is off to magic school. In the lost city of Atlantis. Only one problem ? she isn?t magic. But there is no other way to help Seraphina, the djinn who has been bonded using the Seal of Solomon by an evil genie out to enslave one thousand other genies. Time is running out. Asmodeus has almost reached that all-important number. Can Odessa stop the catastrophe that will befall humanity if he succeeds in releasing such over-whelming genie magic on an unsuspecting world? Odessa will have to utilize every skill she has, and maybe even learn some new ones, if she is to stop him. After all, there is a saying, a genie wish may not be a gift, but a curse!

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