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Odessa Lace #4 - Quest for the Book of Thoth


A Clean Young Adult Fantasy Series! Suitable for all ages. An ordinary girl caught in an extraordinary life ... The Riddle. Q .What do these places have in common? Unicorn Valley. The Golden City of Shambhala. Razeth Badlands. The Fortress of Kamaalot. The Silver Plains. And. The Enchanted Gorges of Valstrath. Odessa gave a groan. She hated riddles. A. They?re all in the Land-of-never-ending. And. Odessa, Adam & Finnegan must visit each to try and save the last great unicorn herd and the mermaid. OL is off on another adventure. To the Land-of-Never-Ending. On a quest to find the magical spell in the ancient Book of Thoth that will allow her to speak and understand the musical language of the unicorn. Her only hope to save the last great unicorn herd from certain death. But dark forces are at play. The evil sorcerer, Amon, son of Lucifer, has entered the enchanted land with a plan so wicked, it would make his father proud. Can Odessa break the spell and save the herd or will her greatest battle be to save herself?

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