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 Deb Clarke 

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Odessa Lace #3 - The Gypsy Prince


A Clean Young Adult Fantasy Series! Suitable for all ages An ordinary girl caught in an extraordinary life ... Looks like it is going to be one hell of a summer! Sophomore year is done and Odessa is about to take off for a month of travel through Europe with Sasha and her parents. She can't wait. Traveling through the mystical Romanian countryside with a Gypsy Prince as her guide, far exceeds her expectations. Learning he is her guardian is unexpected. And that is all that is unexpected... this journey will guide Odessa into her role with The Collective. A group of fourteen who will be called upon to battle the darkness when it seeks to envelop their lands and destroy their freedoms. But, it doesn't end there. Before OL picks up her schoolbooks again, she ill attend a royal wedding in another realm, get kissed not once but three times and call destiny out on its plan for her. Really, just another day at the office for Marea Mystic

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