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 Deb Clarke 

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Odessa Lace #2 - The Secret Carousel


A Clean Young Adult Fantasy Series! Suitable all ages. An ordinary girl caught in an extraordinary life ... What a week! Not only has the mysterious new boy from school, Slade, asked Odessa to help him find his father, missing in Romania. But she must also find and rescue her friend Peri, who has been stolen away by the Marvelous Strongman of the Chasse Bros? Intergalactic Circus. To find both, Odessa must travel to other realms where everything she thought she knew about the world she lives in is turned upside-down. Here, wizards and gods and flying turtles all exist alongside the magic of The Master Void. But who is the sinister Amon that watches her so closely? And can she find Slade?s father and Peri before it?s too late? Come with Odessa and the brownie, Finnegan along with her black cat Topez who can become the lion god Maahes as they seek to unravel the mystery of their whereabouts and get them all safely back home.

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